Best High Paying Jobs For INFPs




Whether you are starting out in your career or trying to find your footing in the best paying jobs, it is useful to know your personality. While personality is not a determinant of success or failure, it can be helpful to use it to choose the right career. Armed with that information, you will have a good position to select a career that is both rewarding and fulfilling.


INFPs have strong value systems and a deep interest in people; they usually put the needs of others above their own, show strong devotion and loyalty to causes and people they believe in. They are future and growth-oriented, creative and inspirational, original and individualistic, highly independent, value authentic relationships.


Strengths that INFPs bring into any career

INFPs are not particularly driven by status or money when they are selecting a career; rather they align themselves with personal values that allow them to help others. They are mainly motivated by inspirations and visions, mostly preferring to work on projects or causes that are important to them.


Because of this, they often struggle in the corporate sector, and find themselves lost and disillusioned in an environment that is primarily concerned about productivity, results, and money.


While some INFPs I have met learn to balance this disconnect, most are tired and weary of having to live life as ‘another person’ from 9 to 5, and only having a short time to be themselves. Some even fall into depression.


Yet, for many in the developed countries, with high costs of living and many expectations of loved ones, many of them don’t have much of a choice. This article is written for those INFPs who desire life to purpose, meaning and yet not find a need to compromise their deeply held values and their desire for independence.


Careers that pay INFPs



INFPS are natural empaths, with a unique ability to connect with people’s emotions. Their individualism plays a great role in enabling them to think outside the box and never run out of inspirational ideas. It takes creativity and inspiration to write up a spark, which INFP personalities have. The creative element with people in this personality type helps them succeed in writing-based careers and particularly in journalism.


According to current statistics, writers on average have a median wage of $33.19 per hour with annual earnings of $69,030, this places it among the top paying careers. Future growth is expected to be between 15-21% with more job openings likely to be created in the period of ten years, primarily due to the rise of demand for online copywriting.


Psychologists or Psychiatrists

Research has shown that psychiatry and psychology are two areas that INFPs can be intellectually inspired in, get an opportunity to grow professionally, creatively provide solutions and above all, help other people improve their lives.


These professions play on INFPs’ strengths; being able to read between the lines, spot inconsistencies, adopt unique responses at situations, excel in reading other people’s motives and emotions, and work face to face with the customer. INFPs draw their inspiration from seeing other people succeed; you will find them in almost all fields ranging from marriage counselors to drug and abuse sectors, and business consultancy among others.


The average salary for people working as psychologists or psychiatrists is relatively high, for instance, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a psychologist who is working with the children services department earns close to $100,000 per annum.



Architecture as a career requires a lot of creativity; the famous Lloyd Wright was an architect. This career allows INFPs to fully exploit their creative muscles without the risk of falling into the oft-stereotyped starving artist.


An idealist in this career has an added advantage; one can design structures which serve humanity well. In fact, many of the most iconic buildings in the world were probably designed by artists that let their imaginations run wild.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean salary in the sector is around $74,520 with some of the highest earners pulling well over $120,000 per annum.


Human Rights Crusaders

Human Rights Crusaders are law professionals who represent those whose rights and liberties have been abused. One can specialize in a given area such as mental health, discrimination, social justice, or asylum among others. Although the journey through law can be tough, the earnings and the personal reward of standing up for the hurt and marginalized can be rewarding.


The current figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics put the average salary earned by people in this profession to be $133, 470.


Other Well-Paying Jobs

Of course, the above listed are not exhaustive. There are other careers that INFPs can find rewarding too. Other paying careers for INFPs include medicine, human resources, counseling, teaching, and graphic designing.


If you’re an INFP, the important thing is to understand that there is likely no ideal start for you. You can’t expect to be paid well if you want to follow your passion rather than doing what others expect of you in employment. However, as you keep building and investing in your skills, you’ll soon be able to dictate the terms and thereby design a life that is suited for yourself!


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Careers you should be doing based on your personality




Personality plays a major role in career assessment and has been used for decades in career planning and other programs that help people identify and select the right path for them. In a nutshell, the personality guide lets you know how you act, think in a work environment which is useful in career selection.

Let’s dig in the careers that are best for you according to your personality type!


  • ISFJ

ISFJs are good at caretaking roles because they are patient, thoughtful and kind. A role of teachers and nurses is perfect for them. They tend to follow a system. At the same time, they are perfect nature required to carry out consulting, catering and such business plans.


  • ESFJ

ESFJs love to lead and promote welfare as well. Their organizational skills and attention to details are phenomenal. If you are an ESFJ, you are likely to enjoy a career as HR coordinator, counselor, non-profit director or principal. You also often excel in conflict resolution, participation, and promotion at an office.


  • ISTJ

ISTJs enjoy their place in a system. They are capable, dependable because even though they can work independently, they are great team players. You just want an efficient work. Career paths include administration, IT, finance and accounting. Others that involve history and research as a professor or scientist are also excellent options.


  • ESTJ

ESTJs run the show undoubtedly. You are the one who implements things the most and can excel anywhere you want to. Careers like detective, police work consulting, business or finance are perfect for you.


  • ESFP

ESFPs are known as performers and are drawn to environments where it’s easier to express themselves. You like engaging others naturally and have an eye for aesthetics. Non-traditional environment careers like a performer, teacher, hairstylist, designer or comedian suits you the most.


  • ISTP

ISTPs love to have their space for execution once they know their role. They are highly practical and do well with analytics, configuring stats, data into how they work. ISTPs tend to excel in occupations like an engineer, carpentry, mechanics and surgery.


  • ESTP

ESTPs are quick on their feet, courageous and sharp. They tend to fit in environments that are never dull. You prefer to be independent regarding actions and thoughts.  Careers like entrepreneur, paramedic, surgeon, engineer, firefighter and such which requires challenges are great for you.


  • ISFP

ISFPs need the most space compared to other types. They like to be creative and can’t stand a 9 to 5 schedule or even abide by the rules. You are your own boss and work as a photographer, creative director, artist, designer or stylists that have skills make you happy.


  • ENFP

ENFPs have their own vision and are born leaders. You like dreams that can turn into reality and have the ability to take actions. You can be a good force in the entrepreneurial endeavor and non-profit, public relations.


  • INFP

INFPs have good skills in creativity, research, and writing. You do well as a professor, scientist, writer, or artist. Owing to your practical skills, non-profit work, social work or HR is good as well.


  • ENFJ

Natural-born are dynamic leaders. They know exactly how to capture an audience and work towards an interpersonal goal. ENFJs are drawn towards directing, consulting, therapy, coaching, politics, acting or such professions that require empathy, persuasion, and charisma.


  • INFJ

INFJs are socially intelligent and a bit introverted. You like challenging problems and work out their solutions. You do well as counselors, researchers, doctors, occupational therapists, and teachers.


  • INTJ

INTJs are the masterminds of solving complex problems. You are happy to be in a place to discover new things. Careers as an architect, writer, scientist, and engineer hold potential.


  • INTP

INTPs like to innovate and work alone. Theory and logic- driven careers intrigue you the most. This includes engineering, medicine, chemistry, physics or psychology, and economics.


  • ENTP

ENTPs find it really hard to find a career path. You value new problems and challenges every day. You would do well as a journalist, researcher, doctor, entrepreneur, or engineer.


  • ENTJ

ENTJs execute their own vision and thrive in running a business, management roles or running a team as a point person. You’re great at logical and reasoning and thrive in fields like sales, law, finance, and business.


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