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ESFP in love

ESFPs are compassionate, fun-loving, playful partners who love to make their partners happy by entertaining or surprising them. They are comfortable in the limelight and are the classic social butterflies who make a ton of friends wherever they go. They are sensitive and caring, always watching out for the practical needs of their friends and partners.

ESFPs are usually very popular people in schools. They are sensitive, enthusiastic, bubbly, fun-loving, kind-hearted and generous, and they draw many people to them because of these attractive qualities. What’s more, they are very comfortable being the centre of attention. Hence, it is very normal to see ESFPs having many friends or acquaintances around them.

Loving their Partners

Being fun-loving and casual, ESFPs see life as an adventure to be lived. They want to enjoy life’s moments and embrace each experience like travelling the world and doing outdoor activities. In that same vein, they often find it hard to settle down with a single partner, especially if they feel that having a life partner denies them the ability to have fun, enjoy life and live it to the fullest. The partners of ESFPs have to take note of this and give them the space they desire to live life to the fullest, with boundaries, of course.

ESFPs need harmony in their relationships with their partners. If they feel slighted, offended or hurt by a comment or action made by their partner, they rather keep it in than confront their partners about it. ESFPs rather avoid the issues altogether to keep life simple and to hope that the problem will eventually solve itself. Of course, it almost never solves itself, and ESFPs can learn to assert themselves at appropriate times.

Being visually observant and sensual, ESFPs dress up themselves fashionably and decorate their homes to be beautiful; with matching colours, tones that are pleasing to the senses.  However, ESFPs can be too materialistic at times, spending needed finances on fashionable products to keep up with the times. This use of finances may become a point of contention between them and their partners.

Nonetheless, ESFPs are very friendly and helpful partners who want to aid their partners in practical and hands-on ways like cooking a meal, doing the dishes, paying the bills, fetching the kids and so on. However, ESFPs have a tendency to be easily distracted and therefore not follow through on some of the projects and tasks that were delegated to them. Their partners can encourage and appreciate the ESFP through words of affirmation, giving them gifts and help them out in the household to complete some of those tasks.

When it comes to finances, ESFPs tend to have a hard time planning and saving for the future. They tend to spend whatever they have earned without considering future commitments like housing loans, car loans, and their children’s education. They may also spend a little too much on luxury items even though they may not have many finances. ESFPs can get around this by hiring a financial advisor to help them with their finances or allow their partners to hold the purse strings at home.

The Ideal Partner?

According to Keirsey’s Temperament Theory, the ideal partner for the ESFP is the ISTJ, whose calm, objective and stable nature complement the ESFP well in a relationship.