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ENTJ in love

ENTJs are strong, committed partners who want to take charge of the relationship. They desire growth and improvement and enjoy a relationship that allows mutual learning for both parties. They do not back down from conflict, seeing conflict as a path to growth and learning.

ENTJs are very strong leaders who want to take the lead in relationships. They tend to want to control and take charge of everything. When there is a conflict, ENTJs will go and trash it out with their partners. ENTJs believe that the conflict will help both them and their partners grow and become better people. However, their partners can view this confrontational behaviour of ENTJs to be smothering and tiring, especially if their partners are Feeling types who prefer to avoid conflict. As such, most partners of the ENTJs have to be very strong and secure in their identity to engage the ENTJ at this level.

Loving their Partners

ENTJs enjoy a partner who can engage them intellectually. They like to be challenged in their thinking, and they like to challenge others as well. Sometimes, they can challenge just for the sake of checking how sure the other party is on their stand. However, ENTJs need to take note that a love relationship is not the best place for such debates, and it is likely that their partners do not like this.   

ENTJs tend to shy away from issues of the heart. They prefer to view problems from a logical and detached perspective, even if the situation requires them to be personal and involved. Their partners may feel alienated from the ENTJ because of this; they feel that the ENTJ just wants to treat them as a task to be completed or a project to be finished instead of a person who wants to be loved and understood. ENTJs can learn how to engage their partners emotionally, no matter how uncomfortable it may feel at first.

ENTJs can also be very headstrong and stubborn when it comes to deciding things. They often decide on something quickly, sometimes even before consulting their partners. After they’ve decided, they are usually inflexible and refuse to listen to alternative points of views. If their partners disagree, ENTJs can be very strong in challenging the logic and analysis of their partners, which causes their partners to back down often and sometimes it makes their partners resigned and feeling helpless. ENTJs can learn here about how they can be more open and accepting to alternative views before they decide on something.

ENTJs feel most loved and appreciated when their partner asks for their opinion and adopts their often brilliant suggestions or simply rely on their leadership to get the task done. That said, they can be very creative and insightful about many things in life with great suggestions and methods of improvement in and around the household.

ENTJs are great money managers. They adopt a long-term strategic perspective when it comes to budgeting and managing their money by considering all future financial commitments. At the same time, they have great investment acumen because of their strategic view of the economy and their personal finances.

The Ideal Partner?

According to Keirsey’s Temperament Theory, the ideal partner for the ENTJ is the INFP, whose calm, compassionate and spontaneous nature complement the INFP well in a relationship.