The Right Mindset to Bring
Getting accurate results from the test

The right mindset to bring to a personality test is just as important as taking the personality test as well.

A relaxed mindset is key to getting accurate results.

Here are some important things to take note:

1. You need to BE yourself, free from external pressure. 

This is easy to say, but many times cultural pressures and family upbringing has influenced our behavior so much we are confused about our preferences.

Your culture and your family will tell you the 'right' thing to be, e.g "Be responsible, organized and scheduled! That's the adult thing to do."  Such influences, when ingrained, cause us to mistake our 'appropriate behavior' for our innate preferences. 

You need to consciously 'remove' these pressures from your head as you are doing the test, not considering what is right behavior and just be unapologetic about your preference. 

2. You need to take OFF your work hat.

Most people understand the importance of being organized and schedule in their work. They also understand the importance of being detailed, logical and objective in their decision making. 

This explains why people taking the test may have answers that tend toward Extroversion, Sensing, Thinking and Judging. These are preferences that lead to behaviors considered by most to be good work ethic. 

But taking the test with such a mindset only serves to tell yourself something you already know: your work behavior. You need to imagine yourself at home in a relaxed situation where nothing is required of you, and ask yourself what you prefer. 

3. You obviously can do either of the two options, just choose the one you PREFER!

I have a lot of people coming to me saying that they can't choose because they can do both. This is where I remind them that it's not about which one you CAN, but which one you PREFER. 

If you are a mature person, you will know the appropriate behavior for the appropriate situation. But that is NOT what the question is asking. It is asking which one you PREFER.

If you take note of these 3 points, you should get accurate test results. 

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