Just for Fun Articles

These are just for fun articles that are about personality and individual differences. As you're reading them, have a good laugh but don't take any of it too seriously! Sometimes, stereotypes have to be brought out for humor's sake! 

20 Things Only an INFP will understand

INFPs can be such mysterious personalities that most people don't seem to get. Probably just weird or needing fixing, some would say. Perhaps this list of 20 Things only an INFP will understand will help you 'get' them:

9 Signs you're an Extrovert trying to be an Introvert

Over my course of typing people and teaching them personality, I have more than come across my fair share of Extroverts insisting that they’re Introverts. For the most part, it makes for a great laugh as everyone else just rolls their eyes at the Introvert-wannabe.

10 Challenges that an INTJ faces 

When dealing with people, INTJs can get somewhat frustrated at the slower, more methodical methods of others, which they simply consider slow and inefficient. As such, the poor INTJs have such a hard time living in this world and dealing with people whom they usually consider to be lesser mortals. 

How you are as an Entrepreneur according to your MBTI

Every Myer-Briggs Type can become an entrepreneur, but what type of entrepreneur will you be? What kind of struggles will you face? Here are some possible scenarios based your personality type.