Here’s how you can connect with your friend better:

Give your friend solitude

Your friend will want a lot of time in solitude to do his/her own thing. Let your friend be, and don’t try to question his/her need for it.

Do things together

Your friend enjoys doing rather than talking. One of the good ways to connect with your friend is to do activities together.

Don’t take things personally

Your friend may occasionally say things that are insensitive or offensive to you. Don’t take it personally as it most likely wasn’t intended for that.

Don’t micromanage

Your friend appreciates the freedom to decide what and how he/she wants to do something. Give your friend a choice and refrain from micromanaging.

Be patient with your friend’s spontaneity

Your friend will make new plans and cancel others without telling you. Don’t be surprised – be patient for it will get on your nerves.