Here’s how you can connect with your friend better:

Show interest in thoughtful questions

Your friend may find it hard to express their thoughts to you. You can help your friend by probing with thoughtful questions.

Be patient with your friend’s explanation

When your friend is sharing with you, he/she may stumble trying to convert his/her complex thoughts to words. Be patient to listen. Clarify where necessary.

Ask about your friend’s ideals

Your friend has a big vision or ideal he/she hopes to achieve in life. Ask your friend about it and find ways you can support him/her.

Be more definitive in your answers

It would help your friend for you to be more definitive in your plans and schedules, so he/she have some certainty.

Respect the need for harmony

At times, your friend may avoid you completely because of a conflict. Give your friend the time and space to find the words before meeting you to reconcile.