Here’s how you can connect with your friend better:

Engage them with high energy

Your friend may get bored easily if he/she is with someone with low energy. Engage actively by being warm and gregarious.

Keep it light-hearted

Things don’t need to be serious! Keep it light-hearted, whether at work or in a social setting – your friend performs best in that state.

Do fun things together

The best way to engage your friend is to have fun activities together, especially outdoor activities.

Don’t take things personally

Your friend may come across as insensitive or careless with remarks. Don’t take it personally – most of the words are in jest or not meant to be a personal attack.

Give freedom

Your friend wants the freedom to decide how he/she wants to do life and disdains others telling him/her how to live it. Resist the temptation to tell your friend what’s ‘right’.