Here’s how you can connect with your friend better:

Speak up

In the work setting, your friend may dominate the discussion. Speak up and assert yourself, especially if it is an important issue.

Be gentle and affirming

Sometimes when you are speaking passionately, you may come across as cutting or insensitive. Be gentle and encouraging with your friend.

Be decisive

Don’t be wishy-washy in your decisions. Be definitive in your answers and speak with confidence, even though there may be room for doubt.

Ask about your friend’s dreams

Your friend probably has big dreams to make the world better. Find out more about it and find a way to support it.

Respect the need for harmony

Although your friend may appear bossy at work, he/she hates conflict. If there is a disagreement, your friend will want to talk it out – let him/her do so with you; don’t avoid it.