Here’s how you can connect with your friend better:

Speak up

Your friend may get carried away with conversation, so you need to speak up and be heard – don’t let your thoughts be unspoken, especially if it’s important.

Speak plainly

Don’t expect your friend to understand what goes on inside your heart. If you want your friend to get something, speak plainly.

Keep it simple

Your theories and ideas may not get through to your friend. He/she is more interested in tangible, real things. Whatever ideas you want to share, make it simple.

Don’t take it personally

Your friend may sometimes be careless with his/her words – appearing insensitive or offensive. Don’t take it personally, most times it’s just spoken in jest with no malice.

Be patient with changes

Your friend may change their plans at any given time – don’t be surprised by it. If there is something important to keep to, remind your friend to stick to the plan!