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Let's begin!

  1. Are you generally considered:
  2. In conversations, do you gravitate towards:
  3. In your work, you prefer to:
  4. When it comes to appointments, you:
  5. On a weekend, you generally prefer to:
  6. Do you prefer to:
  7. In making decisions, you consider what:
  8. Your room is generally:
  9. Do people find you:
  10. In general, you possess more of:
  11. When there is a friend in emotional distress, you find it:
  12. When it comes to making decisions, you prefer to:
  13. In a social situation, you:
  14. When looking at situations, you focus on:
  15. Which is more important when making a decision?
    Considering the:
  16. When doing projects, you:
  17. After going to a party, you often feel:
  18. In doing a project, you want to:
  19. Your friends are more likely to call you:
  20. In a holiday, do you prefer to:
  21. You have:
  22. In the classroom, you prefer subjects that deal with:
  23. When confronting others:
  24. Do you find keeping a schedule:
  25. Which activity do you prefer?
  26. In a project, you prefer to:
  27. You usually:
  28. When running a project, you prefer to:
  29. Being the center of attention:
  30. Your ideal work involves coming up with:
  31. When someone criticizes you or your work, you tend to:
  32. You like to take a:
  33. When asked a question, you generally:
  34. You generally:
  35. You are generally considered to be:
  36. You prefer to:
According to the test, you have a preference for:
Below is a summary of what each individual preference means:
Extroversion: You draw energy from people and the environment.
Introversion: You draw energy internally; from being alone.
Sensing: You are tuned into your five senses and learn new information in a step by step manner.
Intuition: You are tuned into your imagination and learn new information by the seeing the big picture.
Thinking: You make decisions by logical, objective analysis.
Feeling: You make decisions by considering values and relationships.
Judging: You take a planned approach to life and seek closure.
Perceiving: You take an open approach to life and seek openness.
Individually, your preferences mean only so much, but when combined, the preferences work in combination to form your unique personality!
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