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Hi friend,

Ethan here. 

Which of the following is true for you?

  • Your career is not fulfilling and you feel like you're not progressing at all.

  • You don't exactly know what you should be searching for in a job, but you know what you're doing now isn't it!

  • Your job is not a good fit, and you wish you could find something that fits your natural strengths more.

  • You have worked at your job for many years, and you know you won't get anywhere near promotion at the rate you're going.

  • You are tired, bored and restless because you know something better is out there for you - you just don't know what!

If any of the following describe you, or you simply need a direction for your life, then you're at the right place!

You're about to understand why some people make great choices for their careers and live a life that is happy, fulfilled and enriching

With the understanding of personality type, you are already one step closer to discovering the ideal career path for yourself. Through these reports, you will learn how to  position yourself in your career search that maximizes your chance of success in your working life. 

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"This Career Report has enlightened me about my current situation. I'm working as an accountant and I finally understand why I feel so stressed and unfulfilled all the time. After reading the career reports, I'm excited to consider new possibilities and take action to build on my strengths instead of crying over my weaknesses!"

- Christina Sim, Accountant

How you could be working in the right job, right now.

If you're like most job seekers, you probably have little or no clue about choosing the right job. In fact, you may just go online, scan through the classifieds and apply to those jobs that seem appealing enough for you. 

This could be one of the WORST ways you should make such an important decision. In the end, if you land a job that you find no fulfillment in, you would be bored, restless and frustrated.  

What's even more painful is this - You could be progressing in the right job and be promoted multiple times over; if you had chosen the right job in the first place!

As somebody who has been through this pain, I know exactly how you feel. You look at your peers; some of them are making 2x or even 3x of your income, and you're still making a paltry sum every year. 

Imagine you can avoid all the career mistakes
that most people make!

Imagine now that you could undo all the painful experiences, all the bad mistakes of making the wrong career choices. I wish I could.

I spent the first year after my graduation running a travel business that had no relevance to my studies. Although it was enriching, I got nowhere with it.

After that, I went to work in an international bank, mistakenly thinking that I was good with the sales of financial products. I took up the position of a personal banker, and attempted to sell insurance, investment and forex products.

Guess what, I was so bad at it because I was educating the customer INSTEAD of selling to them! And then, it struck me. I should be in education!

Since then, I never looked back. I ventured into writing and corporate training and am enjoying myself thoroughly.

But the regretful thing is this: I wasted 5 years of my life trying to figure that out. Had I started on writing and corporate training from graduation, I would have become a master by now and making a far more sizable income.

Now,  I don't want YOU to be wasting 5 (even 10, 20 for some!) years of your PRECIOUS life figuring out what you should be doing. Because I've been through it, I know how regretful a person can feel with the wrong career choices. 

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I was skeptical at first about how a simple product would help me make better decisions. But, I was wrong. The career report described me so accurately it was actually frightening. I am now far more informed and prepared when making my next career move.

- Jonathan Wu, Commodities Sales

Make the best choice for your career.
It's going to matter.

And that's why I painstakingly created these career reports. I don't want you to make the same mistakes I did. 

With this reports, you're going to gain a level of clarity and enlightenment and you'll discover a new confidence in yourself, trusting in your own unique strengths and finding a job that rewards them. 

There are many career books and e-books out there written to appeal to a mass market, but the problem is that we are all very different people. Certain strategies that apply to some don't apply to others. What works for one person may not work for another.

These career reports are customized according to your Personality Type. Simply do the  test if you haven't done so already, and then read the reports corresponding to your 4-letter personality type. 

Here's a sneak peek of what you're going to
discover in these career reports:

In this report, you will:

  • Consider over 50 possible career ideas! 
    It's important to explore the options available to you. I have added over 50 practical career ideas, complete with a description about why they suit your personality!

  • Avoid the terrible mistake of choosing the wrong company! 
    You can get a DREAM job, but a NIGHTMARE work environment! Avoid the mistakes of choosing a dream job and then getting into the wrong company by understand what cultures suit you best!

  • Don't waste unnecessary time in the job search. 
    Learn your natural inclinations in the job search process and most importantly, how you can overcome those weaknesses that often sabotage you in the search process!

  • Ace that interview with a clear understanding of your strengths and weaknesses.
    Interviewers will challenge your self-knowledge by asking you about your strengths and weaknesses. Fret no more about stumbling in this segment; give clear and honest answers!

  • Learn what can make you shine and stand out in the workplace; and what could cause the end of your career.
    Operate in your strength areas and stay away from your weakness areas; put in 50% of effort for 100% results by understanding your strengths!

  • Make yourself love your job. Even if you hate it!
    Craft your job to create that perfect blend of tasks that will bring fulfillment and joy for you. You don't have to change a whole job just to find career satisfaction; just change your job scope!

  • Discover a clear path of professional development for your unique personality! 
    Create a clear path of development that is unique to you only, and one that ensures that you'll be promoted over and over again.

And the best thing is, you don't have to pay a single cent for this US$197 product! You can download all of these for FREE with your name and email.

I've been stuck in my job for over 20 years, and even though I've never felt happy, I never really understood why. This report has opened my eyes and I am ready to make an important career switch that will take me all the way to retirement and beyond. 

 Alex Lim, Real Estate

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