Here’s how you can connect with your friend better:

Encourage your friend to speak up

Your friend prefers not to speak unless necessary. Engage him/her by encouraging your friend to speak, and then listen attentively!

Be patient

Your friend prefers to take his/her time to think through the issue before speaking. Don’t be impatient and move on to the next issue before he/she speaks.

Be gentle and affirming

Sometimes, your careless words may offend or hurt your friend. If it happens, apologize and adopt a more positive tone of speaking. Be gentle and affirming.

Leave your friend to solitude

Your friend does his/her best work when alone. Don’t interrupt that solitude; instead come back to him/her later.

Give your friend time alone

In the same vein, there are times when your friend just wants to be alone. Don’t ask him/her why – sometimes your friend just needs it and won’t have a reason to tell you. Your friend may come and go unannounced – let it be.