Here’s how you can connect with your friend better:

Ask your friend questions

Your friend is likely to be quieter around you, with you being the more talkative one. Listen more and ask questions so that he/she will open up.

Get to the gist

Your friend does not like you to get into the details of things. Just focus on communicating the essence of the situation, and let your friend do the asking if he/she wants any clarification.

Entertain the possibilities

Don’t be a wet blanket to ideas and dreams by playing the devil’s advocate. Recognize that your friend talks about ideas and dreams as a way to self-energize.

Be gentle and affirming

Your friend responds to warm and kind words, so be gentle and affirming. Be sensitive and tactful when giving negative feedback.

Talk about helping people

Your friend has a heart for people. If you have an idea, talk about the human impact it has and your friend will be more receptive to hear about it.