Here’s how you can connect with your friend better:

Give time to reflection

Don’t press your friend for answers. Chances are, he/she is processing it and has a good, long answer to give you later if you are still on the topic.

Get to the gist

Your friend gets it. Quick. When you begin your sentence, he/she might already have a conclusion. Hence, it helps to quickly get to the essence of whatever you want to say.

Be affirming

Your friend thrives in a harmonious relationship, not a contentious one. Take note that sometimes your words may be misconstrued as challenging and unfriendly.

Allow them to share

If your friend sees you as someone they’re close to. He/she is likely to share many of their deep thoughts with you. Stay with your friend on the topic as much as you can, even though many of the things may be hard to understand.

Don’t leave things open

Your friend does not like unsettled things. As much as possible, try to give your friend closure. Make the decision, or set the date and time.