Here’s how you can connect with your friend better:

Don’t be afraid to speak up

Your friend is opinionated but likes differing ideas. Just speak up and explain your logic, your friend will enjoy debating with you.

Get to the gist

Don’t spend too much time on detail – get to the point quickly. Let your friend be the one to ask you the details if he/she wants to probe.

Ask your friend to simplify it

Sometimes you may not get your friends’ point of view because it appears too complex. Ask your friend to simplify it and use a metaphor to make it understandable.

Talk about the effectiveness of an approach

Your friend wants to know why an approach is more effective than another. He/she will do it by questioning your logic.

Focus on long-term implications

Your friend will be more interested in what will happen in the future; while you may be more interested in what is going to happen now. Balance your explanation with both.