Here’s how you can connect with your friend better:

Give each other time to talk

When giving your opinion, remember to give your friend time to talk and give input as well. Listen patiently and don’t interrupt.

Don’t impose your way of doing things

Don’t impose your way of doing things on your friend but let him/her figure out how to do it after you give the broad objective.

Give time to adjust

Your friend is used to a tried-and-tested way of doing things and will resist any form of change. If change is necessary, give sufficient time and space for it.

Give clear roles and responsibilities

When you want your friend to work effectively, work on giving him/her a clear scope of work to accomplish.

Don’t challenge in public

You may disagree with your friend, but it is best to talk about in private. Any public challenge will be resisted by your friend because it is seen as a challenge to authority.