Here’s how you can connect with your friend better:

Give each other time to talk

Your friend is rather opinionated like you on many issues. Be patient when you are listening to your friend explain a concept, but also request that he/she do not interrupt when you are speaking.

Give the gist of the issue

Give the gist quickly as your friend can be a rather impatient listener. Don’t offer details unless asked.

Don’t be offended by the challenge

Your friend enjoys challenging your ideas as a way to refine it and make it better. Don’t view it as a challenge to your authority – your friend does not have that intention.

Consider the possibilities

Your friend enjoys spotting trends, ideas and possibilities in the environment. Don’t douse their enthusiasm because this is one way they re-energize.

Be patient with changes

Your friend is likely to make several changes to plans and schedules, sometimes even before telling you. Be patient as it may get on your nerves.