Here’s how you can connect with your friend better.

Respect his or her need to be alone

It is important to realise that solitude is essential for your friend, and that when he or she requests to be alone it does not always mean that something has happened.

Listen attentively when your friend talks

When your friend takes time to share something with you, stop what you’re doing and give him/her full attention. Don’t interrupt or ask too many questions.

Be calm and clear about your needs

Express yourself in a calm and clear manner, especially if it involves your feelings and needs. Your friend will have problems understanding you if you are overly emotional.

Talk about your concerns honestly

Instead of beating about the bush, you can be direct and honest about problems with your friend. He or she will be open to hear from you and talk things out.

Appreciate the small things he/she does

Your friend is inclined to demonstrate his or her affection and loyalty through little acts. Show appreciation whenever he/she goes an extra mile.