Here’s how you can connect with your friend better.

Be thorough with tasks entrusted to you

This is extremely important, especially if you both are co-workers. Finish your chores, get ready on time and keep your workspace neat and tidy. Be on task, and do it well.

Leave him/her alone in stressful moments

When your friend is busy or stressed, try to leave him or her alone instead of interrupting, invading his/her privacy or insisting on him/her to socialise.

Stick to your plans and decisions

Try not to procrastinate in decisions and plans that involve your friend. Stick to the plans and decisions that you have made as much as you can.

Respect your friend’s beliefs, values and practices

Show respect for your friend’s values and beliefs, even if you don’t agree. Remember and observe dates and occasions that matter to him/her.

Assign responsibility to your friend

Your friend feels loved and needed when you assign key responsibilities for a project or task to him/her.