Here’s how you can connect with your friend better.

Be honest but gentle and diplomatic

If you have a point to make or an issue to raise with your friend, be gentle even as you speak your mind. Balancing the truth with tact will help him/her take things in the right way.

Be patient with your friend’s less excited reactions

Your friend may seem to have a slower reaction time than you do and may also appear less excited at times. Be patient – go have your fun and your friend will join in!

Don’t force your friend to participate in activities

Your friend dislikes being constantly on the go and is tired out if he/she is thrown into a lot of activities.

Don’t neglect things you’ve committed to do

You may not be the most organised, but there is still a need for follow-through. A mutual lack of planning can result in life getting out of control for both of you.

Try not to neglect your friend

In the midst of your hustle and bustle, remember to check on your friend, who is not always keen on verbalizing his/her needs.