Here’s how you can connect with your friend better.

Follow through on what you say you’ll do

Few things are as maddening to your friend as having people fail to show up when they promised. Do not make promises to your friend lightly, and be serious about commitments.

Express your concerns calmly and clearly

Try not to be overly emotional when you address issues with your friend. If you do so, they will not be able to comprehend your frustrations fully. Learn to be calm and clear.

Respect their need to keep life predictable

Your friend has a strong need for stability and thrives in structure. Try not to spring surprises on him/her because it honestly causes more distress than comfort.

Be responsible for your belongings

Your friend is likely to be frustrated by like chaos and clutter. He/she is also very careful when it comes to budgeting. Manage your finances well, pick up after yourself and put things back when you’ve finished using them.

Intentionally prioritise your friend over others

You can unknowingly neglect your friend’s needs while fulfilling your multiple social commitments. Be sure to take extra care in keeping up with his/her life.