Here’s how you can connect with your friend better.

Be calm and clear in your communication

If you were to raise an issue with your friend, try not to be too emotional because you may be dismissed as overreacting. Be calm and clear as you state your case.

Finish on things you start

Your friend’s strong work ethic can cause him/her to have a dim view of what you consider as fun and relaxation. Learn to follow through on projects and try to finish on things you start, especially if they involve your friend.

Compliment your friend on his or her achievements

Your friend is likely to place a high value on his/her professional achievements. By complimenting his/her professional endeavours and achievements, it can deeply encourage and give him/her strength to hustle hard.

Inform your friend before changing plans

Your friend finds clutter and disorganisation very distracting and irritating. Try to inform them in advance before changing plans, give him/her enough time to be mentally prepared.

Be prompt and be where you say you will be

Keep your promises and follow through with whatever you’ve committed to your friend, who has almost zero tolerance for frivolousness. Call them if you’re going to be late and show up at the time and place that you promised to.