Here’s how you can connect with your friend better:

Give time to share

Your friend is a person of few words. Ask him/her questions and listen patiently for answers. Don’t interrupt or talk over the silence.

Be objective and factual

When explaining something to your friend, be objective and factual. Don’t use emotion or personal values to influence him/her – it likely won’t work.

Give freedom

Your friend wants the freedom of choice and independence to run his/her affairs. Avoid trying to manage your friend’s life by telling him/her what is right or wrong.

Expect changes

Expect changes in schedules and plans from your friend – many times he/she may not even inform you. Be patient with him/her as this may get on your nerves.   

Let your friend be alone

Your friend works best alone. Give him/her sufficient time in solitude – your friend enjoys the alone time and is most productive when not interrupted.