Here’s how you can connect with your friend better.

Give time to speak

Your friend needs time to process your words before coming up with a thoughtful response. Be patient and wait for the reply. Don’t interrupt.

Explain things in precise detail

Give your friend information with precise and accurate detail. He/she may appear to be a stickler for this, but do it to give your friend certainty.

Don’t expect your friend to deal with emotion

Your friend is good with logic and objective data, but not as good in dealing with people’s emotions. Speak plainly about how you feel to make it clear to your friend.

Don’t take critique personally

Your friend’s words are straightforward and sometimes seems insensitive to you. Don’t take the criticisms personally – it usually has to deal with an issue in particular.

Give time for change

Your friend is strongly entrenched in his/her habits and tradition. If you expect your friend to make changes, give sufficient time and space.