Here’s how you can connect with your friend better.

Give time to share

Give your friend time to explain his/her thoughts. Listen attentively, ask questions if you don’t understand, but don’t interrupt.

Give the gist

Give your friend the gist of an issue quickly. No need to go into the details unless you are asked to share.

Don’t take critique personally

Your friend may be critical or challenging to your ideas. Don’t be surprised or take it personally – your friend enjoys the process of refining thought via debate and discussion.

Expect changes

Your friend will undoubtedly make changes to plans and schedules, sometimes before telling you. Be patient and expect these changes. Don’t let it get on your nerves.

Don’t expect your friend to understand emotion well

Your friend may appear cold and uncaring toward your feelings. You can help your friend by sharing your feelings plainly rather than expecting them to decipher certain actions.