Here’s how you can connect with your friend better.

Give each other airtime

Both of you love to chat in the social or work setting. Give each time uninterrupted airtime and don’t interject.

Don’t try to be too serious

Your friend enjoys light-hearted and jovial atmospheres. There’s no need to be serious with your friend – in fact he/she works best in a casual setting.

Avoid micro-managing them

Your friend wants the independence to run his/her life or work. Don’t micromanage your friend for he/she will resist you for doing so. 

Don’t take it personally

Your friend may say things occasionally that is offensive or insensitive. Don’t take it personally – it is often said in jest and your friend probably does not mean to offend.

Expect changes from them

Your friend lives a life of spontaneity and change. Expect him/her to make changes to schedules and plans even before telling you. Be patient.