Here’s how you can connect with your friend better.

Give each other airtime

Both of you are highly social and talkative. Don’t get carried away though, but give your time airtime too by asking him/her questions.

Agree to disagree

Both of you can be rather stubborn and opinionated. Sometimes it is far better to agree to disagree and preserve the relationship.

Support your friend emotionally

Your friend may come to you to let out a pent-up emotion. Don’t correct your friend even though he/she may be in the wrong, but simply support him/her emotionally.

Be sensitive with your words

Your opinions may sometimes be seen as aggressive or hurting. Be sensitive and adopt a gentle affirming tone of saying something.

Give time for change

If you require your friend to make changes, give him/her time and space to make adjustments. Don’t expect receptiveness to change.