Here’s how you can connect with your friend better:

Give space to think about your ideas

Your friend will take a while to reflect and give a thoughtful response to your ideas. Listen patiently, don’t press your friend for answers and don’t interject.

Explain things in a step-by-step manner

When you explain things with the big picture, you often confuse your friend. Break it down into a step-by-step manner, like a to-do list or actionable steps.

Be gentle and affirming

When you are critical or insensitive, you will hurt your friend. Adopt a gentle and affirming way of saying something, especially negative feedback.

Give time to make changes

Your friend is not comfortable with change, especially sudden ones. Make plans and follow through on those plans.

Respect the need for past references

To convince your friend, show track record of past successes. Your friend tends to trust experience more than new ideas.