Here’s how you can connect with your friend better:

Give space for each other’s opinion

Although different, you and your friend are likely to have strong opinions about things. Listen patiently and refrain from interrupting your friend.

Balance your strategy with specifics

Don’t just talk about the big picture strategy; break it down into the details like to-dos and actionable steps and discuss with your friend on those. 

Be patient with the details

Your friend may delve into the details when discussing a matter. Don’t interject but listen patiently and wait for your friend to get to the point.

Give time to adjust

Your new ideas will not quickly sit well with your friend. If change is necessary, give your friend time and space to make adjustments.

Show a track record

Your friend is more likely convinced if he/she can see a track record of past successes for your solution rather than having it only reinforced by logic.