Here’s how you can connect with your friend better.

Give space for each other’s opinion

Both of you are opinionated. The best forward sometimes might be to agree that your ideas differ. If necessary, find a better 3rd solution.

Learn to enjoy debate

Your friend may disagree or challenge you more than you like. However, it’s your friend’s process of finding out the best solution, for a good idea must bear scrutiny.

Don’t press them for decisions

Your friend wants the ability to decide as and when necessary. He/she will be uncomfortable giving you a premature decision when not all information is known.

Praise the work

Praise specifically about the work your friend has done. While not appearing so, your friend feels good when complimented.

Give them autonomy

Your friend likes to be given the space to think and make decisions independently. Resist the temptation to impose your ideas on him/her.