Here’s how you can connect with your friend better.

Give time for reflection

Give your friend time to think and ponder about what you say. Don’t expect an answer immediately, don’t interject but listen patiently.

Don’t overdo ideas

Don’t talk about ideas and theories only. Instead, break down these things into actionable steps and executable plans.

Use objective logic

Don’t use passion or emotion to move your friend; instead, use objective logic and data to convince him/her.

Don’t surprise with sudden changes

Your friend does not like change, much less sudden change. If you have to make adjustments, let your friend know early, explain why and then give time and space to him/her to adjust.

Recognize their need for past references

Your friend prefers to do the tried and tested or status quo because it works. Don’t be impatient if your friend does not warm up to your ideas immediately.