Here’s how you can connect with your friend better.

Give time for reflection

If you want a response, ask a question and then listen patiently for the answer. Give your friend time to reflect and give you a considered response.

Keep things simple

Refrain from talking about big ideas and theories that have no immediate application. Keep things simple, plain and easy to understand coupled with actionable steps.

Don’t expect your friend to be enthusiastic about your ideas

Your friend is a doer more than a thinker. He/she will not be as enthusiastic about new ideas as you.

Be gentle and affirming

When you speak to your friend, remember to adopt a gentle and affirming tone even if you disagree. Apologize if you have unintentionally offended your friend.

Give freedom

Your friend needs extended time away from people at times. Give your friend the space to do so; refrain from pressing your friend to communicate with you, let him/her decide when to do so.