Here’s how you can connect with your friend better.

Give time to consider your proposals

When you give your friend a new idea, give him/her time to reflect. Resist the temptation to interject. Listen patiently.

Break your ideas down into plans

Don’t give big ideas or abstract theories without breaking it down for your friend. Instead, make these ideas or theories into executable plans.

Give specific instructions

When you give the big picture, you will confuse your friend. Instead, give specific instructions on what needs to be done, and tie a deadline to them.

Give time to adjust

Your friend is uncomfortable with changes while you are adaptable and flexible. When change is needed, give your friend extra time and space to adjust.

Recognize the need for harmony

While you can be very passionate about your views, your friend prefers to keep interpersonal harmony. If you want real feedback, then you have to invite your friend to share first, and then listen patiently.