Here’s how you can connect with your friend better.

Give each other airtime

Both of you enjoy the spotlight and having conversation. Be aware of who is dominating the conversation and give each other equal air time.

Explain things step by step

Explain things in a specific, step-by-step manner. Don’t go into the ‘big picture’ and then expect them to work out the details – instead break it down for your friend.

Appreciate the need for harmony

Your friend may find it uncomfortable to speak plainly because he/she does not want to affect harmony and disagree with you. Let your friend knows you are okay with negative feedback and he/she will share it.

Don’t leave things without a conclusion

You like to leave things open and undecided, but this frustrates your friend. Make a plan and stick to it! 

Give them time to adjust to new ideas

Your friend is not comfortable with new untested ideas or procedures. If change is necessary, then give your friend time and space to adjust to the new normal.