Here’s how you can connect with your friend better.

Allow each other to share equally

Speak up, and then allow your friend to speak up by asking them the questions. If your friend is dominating the conversation, request for uninterrupted sharing.

Don’t be taken aback by their scepticism

Your friend may challenge ideas of any sort. Don’t be taken aback – it is your friend’s way of proving the viability of an idea but seeing how well-reasoned your thought is.

Use objective facts

To convince your friend, use objective facts and logic. Refrain from using passion or personal values to inspire them.

Attempt to find a conclusion

Don’t let discussions stay at the head level and lead to nothing than a good talk. Find actionable steps that both of you can execute on.

Excite them with a vision

Your friend can be motivated by a possibility, idea or a vision. Use it to inspire your friend to action, especially if you sense motivation is low.