Here’s how you can connect with your friend better.

Give more air time

Watch out if you’re talking too much, and you can allow your friend to speak up by asking them genuine and caring questions.

Avoid seeing each other as competition

Because both of you enjoy the spotlight, you may see your friend as a rival. Avoid doing so by making an extra effort to connect with your friend.

Watch out for the values clash

Your friend holds a set of values passionately, just like you. The problem is when you don’t share the values – it may end up in an emotional debate. It is better to agree to disagree.

Excite your friend with a vision

Talk about possibilities and excite your friend with an idea or a vision. It makes for good conversation between you.

Support your friend’s ideas

Show your support to your friend by encouraging him/her to pursue his dreams, ideas or possibilities and find ways you can practically support.