Here’s how you can connect with your friend better.

Slowly suggest change

Your friend is the happiest when the present is maintained. If you do suggest a change, be patient and supportive as this is stressful and way out of your friend’s comfort zone.

Don’t jump to conclusions

Let your friend finish his/her sentences. He/she prefers thinking things through before speaking and being clear and precise about important matters.

Check on your friend regularly

Your friend is inclined to putting on a happy front and holding in resentment for harmony’s sake. Try to check on him/her regularly and offer a listening ear.

Provide details in explanation

A lack of specific instructions can leave your friend very confused. Learn to tell him/her what exactly you expect.

Show little acts of love

Buy something meaningful for your friend; tell your friend how much he/she is appreciated for who he/she is. Small acts of love are great morale boosters.