Here’s how you can connect with your friend better.

Respect your friend’s need for solitude

You may not understand this, but your friend enjoys silence and being alone. Sharing moments of peace together may be a good idea for bonding with him/her.

Don’t wear out your friend’s listening ear

Your friend is a good listener who absorbs every detail. This means that he/she can get burnt out by heavy conversations, so try not to unload too much at once.

Compliment your friend creativity

Showing interest and giving compliments on projects your friend work on is a morale booster like no other, especially when he/she tends to expect a lot from self.

Prioritize your friend

Your friend rarely approaches others in times of trouble. Keep an eye on his/her well-being, and be conscious about prioritising your friend above your other commitments.

Calmly express your needs

Instead of ambushing your friend with emotional outbursts, try sitting him/her down to communicate your misgivings or unhappiness felt in the relationship.