Here’s how you can connect with your friend better.

Grant your friend personal space

Be careful not to force too much social contact on your friend, especially if it’s gatherings with people who he/she does not know, respect or care much about.

Compliment your friend’s accomplishments

Showing support for your friend’s career needs would greatly boost his/her morale. Your friend also appreciates compliments on his/her ideas and accomplishments.

Listen without making judgments

Learn to listen without making judgments and give your friend undivided attention when he/she shares thoughts and opinions.

Don’t mistake silence for indifference

Your friend’s lack of expression does not mean that he/she does not care; it is just done differently. Your friend usually shows concern by solving your problems in practical and logical ways.

Be patient with his/her processing time

Your friend does not like feeling pressed for answers – and the ones he/she give you in haste or distress will not be one he/she desires. Be patient with his/her processing time, for the insightful and unique perspectives yielded would prove it worthwhile.