Here’s how you can connect with your friend better.

Express yourself honestly, but gently

Concealing frustrations and fears is an issue that both of your face. Learn to tell your friend the truth in love and gentleness, without blame and criticism.

Flow with your friend’s spontaneity

Try to take things less seriously, and allow your friend to help you lighten up with some spontaneous misadventures!

Don’t criticise his/her ability to follow through

When you work together, you must resist criticising your friend’s ability to follow through, and not become increasingly controlling and bossy.

Tell your friend about gatherings in advance

Your friend can struggle with being organised and on schedule, but if he/she knows that it means a great deal to you, your friend will show up.

Don’t assume that you know it all

Regardless of how you know about your friend, always give him/her the benefit of the doubt. Seek to understand and hear before jumping to conclusions.