Here’s how you can connect with your friend better.

Respect the need for alone time

Your friend typically unwinds and recharges by being alone, reading, thinking or resting. Try not to over pressurise them into socialising, as they will resent you and shut themselves out.

Listen with full attention

Your friend removes all distractions whenever someone says something, and view listening poorly as a form of disrespect. Learn to listen to him/her with full attention.

Encourage your friend’s dreams

Your friend is inclined to respond well when someone shows genuine interest in understanding his/her aspirations. Find out about his/her dreams and cheer them on!

Prioritize your friend

Your friend can feel hurt and annoyed if you constantly meet the needs of others before attending to him/her. Hence it is important to ensure that he/she is not neglected.

Discuss problems honestly and openly

Confrontations are usually avoided to uphold harmony. However, you should openly discuss issues with your friend, before they escalate and poison the friendship.