Here’s how you can connect with your friend better:

Be direct and honest

Stay calm and clear; if you have to talk about problems, get the facts straight instead of tiptoeing around. Your friend would appreciate you being candid.

Let little things go

Be careful of your tendency to nag and boss around, up till the smallest detail. Try to loosen up and live in the moment; not everything has to be perfect at the time.

Participate in your friend’s interests

Your friend feels the most loved when you do things he/she likes and go to places he/she enjoys. Plan to be spontaneous and join your friend on adventures!

Accept your friend’s need for details

Patiently supply details your friend need, when you talk about big ideas. Give them space to gather information and check out options, even if you already know what’s good.

Grant your friend space

Freedom is extremely important to your friend. So don’t pin them down or insist that your friend accounts for his/her schedule. It may assure you, but it stifles your friend!