Here’s how you can connect with your friend better.

Listen without judgment

When your friend shares ideas, hear them out without reservations and stop yourself from immediately pointing out why they are unrealistic.

Don’t nag or complain

Your friend works best with positive reinforcement. Instead of talking about tasks they fail to keep up with, praise them for what they’ve managed to complete!

Go with their flow of fun

It may be tough on you, but being spontaneous and going with your friend’s flow of ideas for an adventure is one sure way you can deepen this connection.

Let things stand open

Try not to push your friend too hard for decisions and closure. Whenever possible, let things stand open. If that’s not an option, give your friend enough room to ponder.

Support your friend’s vision

Your friend feels most valued when someone is supportive of his/her efforts to move ahead professionally. Be supportive of your friend’s endeavours and cheer him/her along as they journey through!