Here’s how you can connect with your friend better.

Embrace healthy confrontations

Instead of sweeping things under the carpet, learn to talk about underlying issues that you face with your friend, and keep the communication open.

Don’t spread yourself too thin

Find a balance between meeting the needs of others and improving the quality of your friendship by slowing down to focus on each other.

Celebrate his/her individuality

Encourage your friend to pursue his/her interests, and learn to support each other’s growth in life, even if he/she does not get to participate in it with you.

Remind your friend to relax

You and your friend are both inclined to be workaholics. Hence it is important to remind each other to rest and relax. Remind the other party to take breaks because he/she is unlikely to do so diligently

Trust each other and be honest and real

Build your friendship on honesty and authenticity, in a safe environment that helps you both speak the truth.