This section Distinguishing INFP and INFJ  is to help you verify your type if you're still unsure after doing the test and reading the type descriptions.

Although they appear alike at first sight, INFPs and INFJs are different personalities. According to David Keirsey’s Temperament Theory, both types belong to the Idealist (NF) Temperament.

However, there are several distinguishing characteristics of both personalities that will easily help you clarify your type.

  • INFJs are neater than INFPs

    INFJs spend time looking neat and tidy, often disliking messiness of any sort. Their hair and dressing is likely to show a clean cut style. Their clothes are often fitting and their accessories matching with the color of their clothes. 

    Unless there is an important occasion, INFPs are less likely to look neat. Their often casual look is due to their disinterest in spending time to look good; many of them are often deep in their thoughts and prefer to give the least energy to thinking about how to dress.

  • INFJs are far less likely to make actions that lead to uncertain futures than INFPs

    INFJs are more planned when it comes to making decisions. They’re less likely to take actions that have uncertain outcomes. For example, they’re not likely to start a business unless they see the whole runway and the likely success of their business.

    INFPs are likely to take a plunge in the dark without considering all possibilities. They are more comfortable with uncertainty in their lives, although they do sometimes regret their impulsiveness in taking action.  

  • INFJs have a keen intuition compared to INFPs who see possibilities. 

    While both types have a sort of intuition, INFJs have this type most call the sixth sense. They sense something to be correct or wrong unconsciously before their conscious mind is able to pick it up. Often, they are unable to justify this instinct but are often proven correct.

    The INFP’s Intuition is their ability to see possibilities in their environment through making connections between things. They can walk by an F&B outlet and start thinking about setting up their own restaurant and then consider the kind of life they live; all in a few seconds. They could look at a girl/man and then dream up possibilities like marriage with this person too. 

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These differences should be sufficient for distinguishing INFP and INFJ. While there are other more subtle differences, the above mentioned points are the more observable differences in behavior.

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