This section Distinguishing INFJ and ISFJ is to help you verify your type if you're still unsure after doing the test and reading the type descriptions.

Although they appear alike at first sight, INFJs and ISFJs are very different personalities. According to David Keirsey’s Temperament Theory, the INFJ belongs to the Idealist (NFs) type personality while the ISFJ belongs to the Guardians (SJs) type personality.

As such there are several distinguishing characteristics of both personalities that will easily help you clarify your type.

  • INFJs are more likely to be seen fighting for causes than ISFJs.

    INFJs believe in values like equal rights and fairness for all, and they will be seen standing up for these values either through social media or campaigning in person for these causes. This is because they have an idealistic sense of how the world should be, and they will stand and fight for those ideals.

    ISFJs tend to see life differently from the INFJs. They have a strong moral code, and they see life from the perspective of black and white, right and wrong. While they have strong moral values too, they are seldom seen campaigning for causes that stand for fairness or equal rights; at the most, they will be supporting the NFs in these causes in the background.

  • ISFJs enjoy administration much more than INFJs who desire meaning in their work.

    While both ISFJs and INFJs are scheduled and organized, the ISFJ enjoys administration much more than the INFJ. The ISFJ can sit down and complete a routine task systematically in a step by step manner such that there are no careless errors or mistakes, and they enjoy doing so.

    INFJs do not enjoy routine administrative tasks that require them to give a lot of attention to detail. They want to find meaning in their work and routine tasks often don’t have the meaning they so desire. They are more likely to glance through files, make careless errors and forget a detail or two.

  • INFJs are more likely to be seen engaging in the arts, literature or music scene.

    Between the two, the INFJs will be more likely seen involved in the art scene, writing or authoring or composing and writing music. They are naturally attracted to the arts, music and writing which they view as a beautiful form of self-expression.

    ISFJs seldom are engaged in them. They see life literally and may find it hard to appreciate abstract art, soulful or classical music or writing new books, especially about fantasy. While the ISFJ can enjoy art, appreciate music or enjoy a book, one will seldom see them gravitate to creating them.

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These differences should be sufficient for distinguishing INFJ and ISFJ. While there are other more subtle differences, the above-mentioned points are the more observable differences in behavior.

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