This section Distinguishing ESTJ and ESTP is to help you verify your type if you're still unsure after doing the test and reading the type descriptions.

ESTJs and ESTPs are significantly different types. Although both are friendly, sociable and humorous in social settings, it is at the workplace where the distinctions become clear. 

Here are the distinguishing characteristics between ESTJs and ESTPs:

ESTJs are serious and concerned while ESTPs tend to be playful and light-hearted.

ESTJs have this serious and concerned look about them, especially at work. They take their responsibilities very seriously at work and it shows on their countenance. 

ESTPs have a playful and easy-going look about them, even at work. They often want to keep work fun, and hence appear to make light of serious work situations. 

ESTJs tend to be careful and methodical, while ESTPs tend to be spontaneous and messy.

With work, ESTJs follow the proper procedures and are careful to ensure that their work is done properly. They tend to be neat and organized and planning, preparing and submitting their work.

ESTPs have this spontaneous and casual approach to work; they don't like to follow the rules. Rather, they want their own space to explore how to do something more efficiently. 

ESTJs dress more formally while ESTPs tend to dress more casually.

Another way to distinguish ESTJs and ESTPs is their dressing. While both have an inherent understanding of fashion, ESTJs tend to dress more conservatively and formally with a preference for classic fashion.

ESTPs tend to dress fashionably, but their style tends to the casual side. They're more likely to be seen in tucked out T-shirts and jeans. 

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These differences should be sufficient for distinguishing ESTJ and ESTP. While there are other more subtle differences, the above-mentioned points are the most observable differences in behavior.

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