This section Distinguishing ESTJ and ENTJ is to help you verify your type if you're still unsure after doing the test and reading the type descriptions.

ESTJs and ENTJs are quite different personalities. Although they share many similarities and appear just as decisive and sometimes overbearing, they hold very different values. 

There are several distinguishing characteristics you can use to determine if someone is ESTJ or ENTJ.

ESTJs are usually detailed and methodical while ENTJs are big picture and strategic.

One of the key ways you can distinguish these two types is their approach to work. ENTJs enjoy talking about the big picture (possibilities, trends, implications) and they share creative solutions to problems.

ESTJs prefer working with details. They usually have a highly systematic way of doing work - sometimes, they get accused of being inflexible and too slow.

ESTJs trust their past experiences while ENTJs trust their gut.

When it comes to making decisions, both ESTJs and ENTJs will use the existing facts to come to a conclusion. However, they often come to very different ones. 

ESTJs trust their past successful experiences and want to rely on them for future references. "This is what has worked before, let's stick to it."

ENTJs prefer to trust their gut, sensing the right thing to do based on their inner visions. "I just know that this is going to work, let's do it this way."

ESTJs prefer to reminisce, while ENTJs enjoy talking theory. 

In a social setting, both ESTJs and ENTJs can be jovial and friendly. However, they are engaged by very different topics. 

ESTJs prefer talking about the 'good old days'. They like to bring up good things of the past, talking about past experiences and people they've interacted with.

ENTJs prefer talking about theories and concepts. They enjoy holding a good intellectual debate with someone in the areas of their interests. 

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These differences should be sufficient for distinguishing ESTJ and ENTJ. While there are other more subtle differences, the above-mentioned points are the more observable differences in behavior.

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