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What should I do with my life?

Many people have a hard time answering this question.

The truth is, we have been spoon-fed all our lives about the courses we could choose based on our academic results. At secondary school level, we would choose if we are to take triple science or double science. At the polytechnic level, we would choose our areas of interest but our grades would limit us.

If we did well enough, we could choose. If we did not do well enough, we were at the mercy of the computer systems that allocated us according to demand and supply.

It, therefore, comes as no surprise when we suddenly have a problem deciding when thousands of possibilities open up to us once we graduate

Sadly, that is the case for most people.

Most people leave the polytechnic or university unsure about what they are to do with their lives, and they waste many years trying to figure out their life’s direction. At 30, they are still deciding what they should do when they grow up!

A few luckier ones land a good paying job. However, they’re still unhappy and frustrated inside because they just have this nagging feeling they’re not living out their true potential.

Ken Robinson, the author of ‘The Element’, says that the Element is the point at which natural talent meets personal passion.

Indeed, if you can discover your Element, then you will find great success, and not only that, you will live a life of meaning, satisfaction and purpose. You reach a point where your work ceases to feel like work because you are so naturally good at it, and you enjoy doing it.

Wouldn’t it be great if you can find out your Element at your age so that you can bypass all the detours and U-turns you have to make? Think about all the time you’re going to save. Think about the level of excellence you could attain in your Element if you start five years earlier!

That’s what the Discover your Element framework will do for you.

How does Discover your Element find your ideal career?

Discover your Element is a coaching framework that will discover your ideal career or calling based on the meeting point of your innate preferences (or your personality) and your personal passion (or your interest).

Through Discover your Element, you will understand your personality in a far deeper manner, including:

  • Your inherent strengths and weaknesses and how you can leverage on them.

    Successful people understand this instinctively. They have a clear gauge of what they are good at and what they are weak in; and they learn to maximize the potential of their strengths by focusing the majority of their time on it. When you learn this, you will know how to direct your time such that your best innate gifts are being used, and rewarded.

  • The nature of work that appeals most to your personality.

    Sometimes you can be in a field that you’re highly interested in, but the work you are required to do is a far cry from using your innate gifts. You could enjoy forefront, investigative work in chemistry but end up being unsatisfied working in the management of a fragrance company. Understanding the nature of work that appeals to you is just as important as understanding the field you enjoy.

  • The type of work environment that is ideal for you.

    It could all fit together for you, but if the work culture does not suit you, you’ll find yourself having communication issues with your bosses or colleagues. If there is a constant communication break-down, you will find yourself frustrated, even though you enjoy the work. 

You will then combine this knowledge of your innate gifts with your personal passion.

Combining your innate gifts with your personal interests, you will discover the careers that appeal to you most. From a database of over 600 careers, you will narrow down the list into a few.

Many people spend their lives trying to figure out their Element, but by the time they figure it out, it might already be too late to make a living out of your Element.  

You don’t have to waste your time on that search. There are already tools available for you today in Discover your Element to guide you through this.

Most importantly, you will come out of these sessions with a renewed clarity about yourself and your life direction. You will be a happier person as you learn to find a career that uses your natural gifting, appeals to your passion and in a job you are competent in.

Details of Discover your Element

  • Method: One-to-One Coaching (Group Coaching is available too)
  • Duration: 2 to 2.5 hours
  • Price: $127 (Prices vary for group coaching, student discount of $20 applies)
  • You will also receive a free bonus career report based on your personality type.

About the Coach

Lin Yihan is the founder of, a website that helps individuals understand themselves better using personality as a framework. He is a certified MBTI© practitioner and has trained various groups ranging from 10 – 300 on subjects like personality, leadership, relationships, career guidance. He is highly experienced in working with youth and young adults, guiding and counselling them to make better decisions in their careers and personal lives.  

If you would like to find out more about Discover Your Element Coaching, please contact me with the form below and I will respond as soon as possible.

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